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How to Properly Wash and Care for Your Wholesale Hotel Towels

How to Properly Wash and Care for Your Wholesale Hotel Towels

For your hotel business, it is imperative that you have plenty of towels. However, at the same time you do not want to have to purchase new towels all the time because you did not properly care for them. When it comes to wholesale towels, you want to make sure you wash and care for them the right way so they last a long time. This will save you money in the long run. Use these tips to ensure you take great care of them.

Wash Them Often

This may sound like a no-brainer but you should wash them after every guest. If you have guests who want to reuse their own towels when they are staying more than one night, that is fine but you should wash them after every third day in this case. Also, make sure you are always using hot water to wash your towels, unless your label advises you not to, as this is the most recommended option.

Rotate Your Towels

You should have plenty of towels that you can circulate in usage. You will want to have enough that each guest can have one, you have a few extra in case they are requested, and then double that. You should have half being used and the other half being washed. By doing it this way, your towels will last longer because they are not being used as often. They are constantly in rotation.

Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

You may think that using more detergent will help to get the towels cleaner but you should only stick to the recommended amount. This is because towels are absorbent and if you use too much detergent, then you will have some residue and this residue can actually help mold and bacteria grow. You also want to use some fabric softener but not too much and you should skip using it every third or fourth time you wash them.

Shake Your Towels Before Drying Them

This is a fairly unknown secret but if you want your towels so be more fluffy and remain that way, before you throw them into the dryer, you should shake your towels. Doing this will help them stay more fluffy and your guests will love them.

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